The wedding location is approximately 45min drive from Brussels.  In Belgium, as with all of continental Europe, driving is done on the wrong side of the road (the righthand side).  The easiest way to get from Brussels to Lieferinge, and to get from Lieferinge to Pollare, will be to hire a car and drive.

Below are a few road rules and signs which us Aussies may not be familiar with.

Priority to the right

If you see the sign that shows a red triangle with an X in it, you need to give way to the right.  When in doubt, always give way to the right on roads where the speed limit is below 70km/hr.


Don't give way to anyone I guess, and then give way to people again when you come upon the second sign.  Don't hit pedestrians or cyclists in general though, it is frowned upon in Belgium.

Give way

In Belgium, this is the Give way sign.  It is very similar to the give way sign in Australia, but doesn't have give way written in the middle of it.

Trains and Buses

Belgium has a train network which services all cities and most towns in the country.  The closest train station to the venue is located in Ninove, and is approximately a 15min drive away.

Below is the link for further information or to book tickets.

They also have buses in Belgium.  Link below.