Lieferinge and Pollare (in the Ninove region)  are two very small towns in East-Flanders, Belgium. In small towns, you usually don't find any hotels, only B&B's and sometimes Airbnb's. See below some of the closest B&B's to the wedding and reception venues:

B&B  'De Paellepelhoeve'

Located in Ninove

You can find this on

20 min drive to venue

B&B 'Kamerrijk'

Located in Pepingen

You can find this on

14 min drive to venue

B&B 'Hof ter Haegen'

Located in Vollezele

You can find this on

11 min drive to venue

Hotel 'De Kalvaar'

Located in Ninove

You can find this on

16 min drive to venue

B&B 'De Pepelinck'

Located in Denderwindeke (Ninove)

You can find this on

8 min drive to venue